Photo: Christine Donehue


Photos from the archives

For over 25 years, the club has hosted performers from New Zealand and around the world…

Photos: Christine Donehue, Paul Hoggard and various contributors


A selection of past acts appears below: click on any link to view a poster. 


Dan Walsh, January

The Mollymawks, January

South for Winter, January

Winter Wilson, February

Tuahine, February

Good Habits, March

Rachel Dawick, April


Butter Wouldn’t Melt, January

Frank Burkett Band, February

Scott Cook, February

Tattletale Saints, March

We Mavericks, May

Sadie & Jay, June

Jenny Mitchell, July 

Reb Fountain, July

Andrew White, August

Gitbox Rebellion, September

Too Many Chiefs, September

Nairobi Trio, October

Jon Sanders, October 

Kokomo, November

Big Muffin Serious Band, December


(Programme disrupted by Covid 19)

The Jews Brothers, June

The Company, July

Gumboot Tango, September

Celtic Ferret, September

Eric Bogle, October

Charity Concert, November

Big Muffin Serious Band, December (cancelled)


(Programme disrupted by Covid 19)

You, Me, Everybody, February

Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill, March

The Whittakers, April 

Chris Priestley and The Unsung Heroes, May

Brave Caitlin Smith and Her Imaginary Band, June

Reb Fountain and Dave Khan, July

Andrew London and Kirsten London, August


(Programme disrupted by Covid 19)

Albi & The Wolves, February

Bluegrass & Beyond, July

My Pennyworth, September 

Mike Garner & Robbie Laven, October  

The Cattlestops, November 


The Frank Burkitt Band, March

Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan, March

Himmerland, April

The Cattlestops, May

Simpson and Alley, June

Martha, Brenda and Mark, July

Club Night, August

Nick Charles, September

Kenny Speirs, October

Missy Raines Trio, November

The Jews Brothers, December


Dan Walsh, March

Wilde Taylor, April

Helen Dorothy Project, June

Dave Alley, July

Albi & The Wolves, August

Fables, September

The Penmans, October

Reverie, November

The Pipi Pickers, December


Hungrytown, March

Mel Parsons, April

Basset & McLean, May

Renny M & Janne Izett, June

Bay City Ramblers, July

The Nukes, August

Rachel Dawick, October

The Danberrys, December


Shanhun & Hawkins, March

Nick Charles, April

Vicki Clayton, May

Triple Bill, June

Captain Morgan Duo, July

Pete & Skiffy Rivets, August

Andrew London Trio, September

Frank Burkitt Band, October

Boucher & McNeil, November

Laurent & Liddiard, November

Alpaca Social Club, December


Reg Meuross, January

Wakakura, May

Camille and Stuie, June

Johnny Possum Band, July

Legal Tender, August

Kirsty Bromley, November


Camille and Stuie, January

Supersheep, March

Piggot & Freeman, May

Mark Laurent & Brenda Liddiard,  August

My Pennyworth, September

Unsung Heroes, November


Piggot & Freeman, February

Hungrytown, March

Kokomo, June

Munro O’Callaghan Titchener, July

Songs of the Murals, October


Sanders Alley Khan, April

Charity Concert for Vanuatu, May

Caitlin Smith, June

The Remarkables, July

The Wiz & Oz, August

Tattletale Saints, August

Beverly and the Clench Mountain Boys, September

Tami Nielsen, November

Dennis Alexander, November


Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley, February

Shanhun and Snaize, March

Blyde Lasses, April

Phantom Five and Waterford, July

Cloudstreet, August

AJ Clarke, October


Steve Turner, January

Habbadám, February

Bonjour Swing, April

The String Contingent, May

Sophie & Fiachra, May

Catgut & Steel, July

Wires & Wood, August

Ken Nichol, October

Supersheep, October

Eric Bogle, November

Hot Club Sandwich, November

Beyondsemble, December