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Biscuit Hall of Fame

Katikati Folk Club has established itself as a thriving venue for tea (or coffee) and biscuits at the half-time break.

Katikati Folk Club biscuit tinGreat care is taken by the Katikati Folk Club Biscuit Monitor to match biscuits with the evening’s guest act; for example, should the performers be a Scottish band, shortbread biscuits and macaroons will be featured; Cornish minstrel music goes well with Chocolate Sultana Pasties; Swiss Cream biscuits complement alpenhorn acts and Taleban artistes will prompt a plate or two of Afghan biscuits; Malt biscuits are an ideal accompaniment for Maltese bouzouki bands, etc.

Many of the biscuits served are legendary, and some have a chocolate coating. Below are just a few highlights from nineteen years of dedicated half-time biscuitry.

Interesting biscuit fact: the word ‘biscuit’ derives from the medieval Latin biscotus, meaning two Scotsmen.

Mallow Wheels at Katikati Folk Club

Mallow Wheels
Biscuits sandwiched together with a marshmallow and raspeberry flavoured filling then covered in chocolate is what it says on the packet. A tentative nibble reveals a muscular biscuit punching above its weight with hints of blackberry, apple, hedge clippings and the merest whisper of smoked kahawai.
An entry-level biscuit, this would be ideal with curry or steamed tripe. Best eaten now.

Fly Cemetery biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Full O’ Fruit
Not to be confused with McDonalds Filet-O-Fish, Full O’ Fruit biscuits (aka Fly Cemeteries) are a classic New Zealand standby. A brooding biscuit with a crisp acidity and a lingering finish, its slight astringency overlays sweet fruit and round kauri notes. The complex banana and viscous tofu overtones coalesce with a 150 proof pickle bouquet.
Handy as a bookmark.

Biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Apple Strudel Biscuits
The Katikati Folk Club Biscuit Monitor is constantly scouring the globe to maintain the club’s position at the cutting edge of 21st Century biscuitry … hence the surprise appearance of Portugese Apple Strudel biscuits. Completely free of chocolate, these biscuits – according to the packet – are 35·9% sugar, so are just the thing to keep you buzzing till the end of the evening. Beware.

Mint Slice biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Mint Slice
A classic combination of chocolate and mint, this is a biscuit for the cognoscenti. Rich and sickly sweet, Mint Slices are best nibbled slowly (but even better wolfed down).
A tip: don’t secrete Mint Slices
in your pocket to stave off the munchies in the second half …
a low melting point will ensure chocolate-coated car keys, lotto tickets, loose change, pocket fluff, etc.

Biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Wine Biscuits
A blast from the frugal past, wine biscuits made a surprise appearance at the Caitlin Smith concert (under the Countdown 'Milk Coffee' moniker). These are a handy biscuit for propping up furniture on uneven floors and – as part of Nature’s nutrient cycle – can be readily composted.

Be warned – while they are on the thin side, they will not fit into an Eftpos machine.

Anzac biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Anzac Biscuits
A structurally sound biscuit, Anzacs are reinforced by the presence of high-tensile oats and coconut, which may cause alarm in unsuspecting and less sophisticated biscuit consumers.

It's the patriotic duty of all New Zealanders (and Aussies) to eat lots of these. And they’re the only biscuit in the world with their own public holiday.
Eat that, mallowpuffs.

Chcolate chip  pic

Chocolate Chip
Crisp and pure,
with an almost saline tang.
Pair with hummus for an interesting fusion experience.

Chit Chat pic

Chit Chat
A talcy, almost slatey flavour, with hints of prawn.
No flabbiness and a good length. Earthy backnotes.

Tim Tam pic

Tim Tam
Citrus aftershave with a long dry finish. A rich, sticky fruity aroma. Good with pork.

Toffee Pop pic

Toffee Pop
Whistle-clean, and caramelly with yeasty, toasty depths.
This one is worth laying down.

Squiggle pic

Butter-toffee notes; dates and fruit; a hint of prunes at the end. Gnawing the squiggles off while maintaining a suitable half-time decorum is a challenge.

Sultana Pastie pic

Sultana Pastie
Great nose; fruit comes through in the mouth (not the nose) followed by a good, tannic backbone. For a real treat,
pop a whole one in your mouth.

Krispies at KAtikati Folk Club

Pure class in a biscuit, delivering a great deal of punch for such a humble, bottom-of-the-range biscuit. The sprinkling of sugar granules ramps up the sugar content and the unwary consumer may easily work their way through half a plate of these before realising it.

The coconut content may
(or may not) help with the all-important Five-a-Day fruit and veg dietary recommendation.

Swiss Creams at KFC

Swiss Cremes
A bicultural New Zealand/Swiss classic melt-in-the-mouth
treat featuring crisp biscuits sandwiching a moist creamy filling. The delicate, hand-crafted edge detail
gives this biscuit a frilly, harmless look that is misleading and can lure the unwary to consume large quantities of Swiss Cremes.

Click the above image
for a handy Swiss Creme hint.

Chcolate THis at Katikati Folk Club

Chocolate Thins
These heritage biscuits have one big disadvantage: they’re thin.
A solution is this simple recipe: use a Chocolate Thin as a base with (say) a Sultana Pastie in the middle and another Chocolate Thin on top. Easy and tasty.
(Serves one.)

Mallowpffs at Katikati Folk Club

A real surprise at the 2011
Sophie & Fiachra concert
was the appearance of this iconic New Zealand icon. Technically more of a dessert than a biscuit, nonetheless
the plate was soon empty.
Also good with ukulele bands.

Biscuits at Katikati Folk Club


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