Below are links to photos of past concerts at Katikati Folk Club: click on any panel to access photos.


Biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Memorable biscuits

Halftime memories

Triple Bill

June 2016

2015 Christmas Party

December 2015

Kirsty Bromley PLUS...

November 2015

Club Night

September 2015

Biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Johnny Possum Band

July 2015

Reg Meuross

January 2015

Xmas Bash

December 2014

Unsung Heroes

November 2014

Halloween Club Night

October 2014

My Pennyworth

September 2014

Camille and Stuie

January 2014

Wild Clovers at Katikati Christmas Party

Christmas Bash

December 2013



October 2013

Songs of the Murals

October 2013

Katikati Folk Club Blackboard Concert

Blackboard Concert

August 2013

Island Night at KFC

Club Night

July 2013

Kokomo in Katikati


June 2013

Rachel Dawick in Katikati

Rachel Dawick

May 2013

Katikati Folk Club concert photos

Club Night

April 2013

Hungrytown in Katikati - photos


March 2013

Acoustic Festival

February 2013

Tami Nielson in Katikati

Tami Nielsen

November 2012

Charity Night Concert in Katikati

Club Night

October 2012

Tattletale Saints in Katikati

Tattletale Saints

September 2012

The Remarkables in Katikati

The Remarkables

July 2012

Caitlin Smith in Katikati

Caitlin Smith

May 2012

Dennis Alexander in Katikati

Dennis Alexander

November 2011

Cloudstreet in Katikati


August 2011

Katikati Folk CLub Club Night

Charity Concert

March 2011

Coolgrass in Katikati


October 2010

Katikati Folk Club Charity Concert

Club Night

September 2010

Biscuits at Katikati Folk Club

Memorable biscuits

Halftime memories

Katikati Folk Club reasons to join